4 Best Selling Products To Dropship [October 2021]

Here are the top 4 products to drop ship during October.

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  1. 2-Way pet hair & lint removal roller.
  2. Artificial spider web Halloween decoration (Stretchy Cobweb).
  3. Universal Stylus for all smartphones and tablets.
  4. Name Stamp For Clothes



1. 2-Way pet hair & lint removal roller.


This 2-way hair and lint removal roller has been showing increased sales day after day, over the past 169 days, reaching 200 per day from just 2, back in March.

It has a feedback rating of 4.8 (out of 5). 86.6% of all rating has been 5 stars.

With over 34,000 orders and 10,000 feedback responses, we'd say that's pretty impressive. 

Aliexpress has over 20+ suppliers, and our system has found 24 other stores selling this item. This means is very popular but also has quite a bit of competition.

You'll find it on Aliexpress for around $4.50 each, with an average retail price of $15.99. 

With over $2000 per day in sales, this is a little gem. Access product videos, ad copy, ideal audiences and more at dropship-spy



2. Artificial spider web Halloween decoration (Stretchy Cobweb).


There's clearly one reason why this is flying off the shelves... HALLOWEEN! Now, most Halloween/Horror products will start to sell like hot pumpkin cakes during September and early October, but this one is nothing to shake your broomstick at!

In the last 142 days, the sales of this product have increased from 1 to 118. 

Rated 4.9, it's clearly a Fa-boo-lous product and it only costs $1.31. There aren't many others sellers for this product, so right now you'll benefit from low competition.

Some Amazon sellers are selling this at $14.99. You can expect at least $10 profit per item.





3. Universal Stylus for all smartphones and tablets.


This stylus retails for around $12.99 - $19.99 and only costs less than $6 to purchase on AliExpress. With over 110 sales per day, we're talking upwards of $1k profit. Not bad at all!

Competition is low and they're only 7 suppliers that have sold this item on Aliexpress. This means it's still a relatively new product, so get in early. 

Targeting buyers for this item would be easy too, as it's good as a gift but also anyone who uses tablets for productivity. You can access detailed targeting for this and all other products on dropship-spy.com  






4. Name stamp for clothes


8,500 sales (89.2% positive) and added to wish lists 30,000 times. This product is super popular, plus it fits into a few different niches/audiences. 

Rated 4.8 and with $8-$10 profit per sale, this is another no-brainer.

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