Christmas Themed Products to Dropship [2021]

These are the BEST Christmassy products you need to be dropshipping this year

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  1. Window stickers - Various Wintery and Christmassy designs.
  2. Snowman LED Christmas Tree.
  3. Christmas Garland LED Curtain Icicle String Lights.
  4. Santa Claus Snowman Lantern Light.

1. Christmas Window Stickers

These Christmassy window stickers have skyrocketed in sales since the end of September. Going from 5 sales per day to over 100, and the figure is expected to carry on climbing too.
There are plenty of AliExpress suppliers to use for dropshipping, so stock isn't going to be an issue and the cost price is generally around $1.20 - $3.00. You can expect a sell them at $10-$12 each. So that's a pretty nice profit margin.
Sales Trends Data
At the moment the competition is low, but it won't stay that way, as more and more sellers will start to jump on these.
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2. Snowman LED Christmas Lights.



As of October 14th, these LED lights are being bought 45 times per day and increasing by over 10 per day. This store has sold 1000's of these LED lights over and they are very popular leading up to the Christmas period.
71% of the product reviews have been positive and 21% neutral, so you can be confident in the end quality. Start selling these now and your sales will shoot up.

3. Christmas Garland LED Curtain Icicle String Lights.


With 163 sales per day, up from just 6, these Christmas LED icicle lights are super HOT right now. You can expect $15 - $20 profit per sale. Doing the math, that's over $3000 per day, profit.
Sales Trends Data
If you're selling/dropshipping Christmas themed products, this absolutely needs to be in your arsenal

4. Santa Claus Snowman Lantern Lights


With over 75% 5-star reviews, these Christmas lanterns are a no brainer. Buy for $2 - $4 each and sell for $20.
This product has been bought over 100 times per day(as of mid-September). With the right marketing, you could definitely be netting $1500 per day in sales.
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