Entrepreneur Documentaries You Need To Watch

Winding down in the evening can entail different activities... one of the most popular being watching film. ut why not switch the film to an documentary that is not only educational but entertaining? Here are some of the top entrepreneurial documentaries that you need to watch!

Becoming Warren Buffett

Becoming Warren Buffet was released in 2017 showing the ups and downs of his business life. The now 90 year old is worth 109.5 billion USD in 2021. This documentary shows how he started out as an investor to becoming one of the richest and most respected men in the world.

Generation Startup

Generation Start Up is another case study on six recently graduated college students who put everything on the line to build start-ups in Detroit. This was filmed for 17 months and captures the front line of entrepreneurship in America.

Steve Jobs One Last Thing

Steve Jobs One Last Thing was released in 2011 less than a month after Jobs passed away. This documentary gives insights into Jobs talents and achievements from interviews with his friends, fans and colleagues. This documentary even includes clips of an interview from Jobs shortly after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

Capital C

In 2015 Capital C was released. In the wake of the digital age independent creators undergo hopes, dreams, fears and pitfalls. Capital c focuses on these issues by following solopreneurs for 3 years who had reached out to the crowd to help take off their business.

The Creative Brain

Best-selling author David Eagleman and neuroscientist meet accomplished professionals from across the creative spectrum. Released in 2019 the idea was to unravel the creative process, and encourage all of us to be more creative.

Inside Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill Gates

Decoding Bill Gates was released in 2019 as a 3 part series. Episode one being about Gate reflecting on his childhood memories and his mission to get better sanitation to the developing world. The second episode focuses on Gates connections including his partnership with Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen. Ep three is based on the 3 qualities Bill Gates focusses on most: passion, resources and a sense of urgency. These documentaries really give great insight into the billionaire.

The Startup Kids

Released in 2012 the start up kids contains interviews with start-up founders who relay stories about the founding of their respective companies and their lives as entrepreneurs. The documentary was designed to provide motivation to up and coming start-up founders.

House Of Z

House Of Z is based on the millionaire American fashion. This documentary exhibits the rise, fall and comeback of charismatic fashion designer Zac Posen. It also reveals archived and exclusive interviews with celebs such as Naomi Campbell, Sean Diddy Combs and more.

Enron: The Smartest Guys In The Room (2005)

In 2005 The Smartest Guys In The Room was released. This documentary explores the fall of the Enron Corporation. Enron was the largest corporate bankruptcy in U.S. history at that date.