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  1. Why Product Research Is Necessary
  2. Things to Consider
  3. Where to Research
  4. Testing
  5. Extra Credit

Why Product Research Is Necessary

Product Research Is: Searching for key points, sales trends, market movements and data to find products that indicate sales growth and would be good for your store or online marketplace.

Doing product research will tip the odds in your favour and give you a competitive edge. It will allow you to reduce the amount time and money spent testing different products and will help you find winning products much faster. Being one of the first to sell a trending product will mean you can ride that trend a lot longer, rather than jumping on the band wagon towards the end (along with everyone else).

Things to Consider

Is your product right for your niche?

Firstly, you must make sure that the products you're researching fit into your niche and that they aren’t going to look out of place next to your other products. Throwing every product at the wall and seeing what sticks is going to waste a lot of time and money. Don’t get me wrong, testing is important but only with the right products

Next, does your product solve a problem?

Yes, it’s true that some products go viral and don’t solve any problems. Think “Fidget Spinners”, but these are just fads, and while they are good for making a quick buck, they wont support long term income.


For products that solve problems it is possible to sell the trend for a much longer period (6months+). Here’s an example of a product, which can be found on Dropship Spy.

Consider the “Pet Hair Removal Glove”, this product solves two problems, removing pet hair easily and fast without causing stress or discomfort to your pet and it’s super easy to clean. This product has been around for years and continues to sell year after year. It often reappears in our social proof winning products section.

Where to Research

Facebook Pixel and Google Search

Do a google search for products in your niche. Visit websites, stores, and marketplaces for these products. Once you do that, the Facebook pixel will learn that you are interested in that niche and will start to advertise to you, products related to that niche. This is a great way to see what other stores are selling. You can also check out the comments for feedback on the quality of the products or how interested people are. You can save your ads for later too, great for in you’re on the move or just having a scroll.


Did you know that TikTok has it’s on creative center? Here’s the link: TikTok Creative Center . Once here you can select conversions on the filter and then view the best preforming ads from TikTok. This is a super easy way to find what’s trending right now.
Bonus: You’ll be able to educate yourself on the best preforming ad copies and Ad structure.



Head over to amazon and then straight to the Amazon Best Sellers page. Note the submenu here, for new releases, movers and shakers etc. With your chosen niche in mind, narrow down the subcategories on the left to find products that fit in your niche. You can see sales and products scores for the best selling products on amazon right now.

Dropship Spy

Access thousands of winning products and more added each day on Dropship Spy. Use the Social Proof add to view trending products on social media and the AliHot section to access high selling products on Aliexpress. To understand the full data you'll get, grab a Free Membership, then log in and click "FREE PRODUCT".

Extra Credit

Do not get emotionally attached to any product. Just because you like that idea of a product doesn’t always mean everyone else will too. Test your ideas and if nothing works, cut the product, and move onto the next. Make sure you store or platform is professional and if you’re using Shopify, investing in a premium theme can go a long way to increasing sales.